Correct wheel alignment is essential if you want to prevent wear and tear on your vehicle, and make sure your car is safe and efficient to drive.

If you have a suspension repair or upgrade for your car, then you need a quality wheel alignment too. Gold Coast Tyre & Auto uses the latest technology to provide reliable wheel alignment

For any vehicle, standard or performance, Gold Coast Tyre & Auto provide expert wheel alignment. Call today, or drop in to our Burleigh Dunlop Super Dealer for assistance.

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A tyre is out of balance when one section of the tyre is heavier than the others. A wheel balance redistributes weight around each tyre to extend life of your tyres, increase performance of your vehicle, and increase your vehicle’s safety.

To balance a wheel, our experts will mount it on a specialised balancing machine that spins the tyre and wheel to locate the heaviest part, which will then be compensated for by attaching a weight on the opposite side.

Unbalanced tyres may also cause accelerated wear of your shock absorbers, struts and other steering and suspension components. Gold Coast Tyre & Auto quality wheel balancing service will ensure that your tyres and wheels do not have a heavy spot that may cause premature tyre wear.

Series of worker balancing tire with wheel balancing machinery